15 Things

…because there’s more to me than just being a feminist! Can you believe it? I actually have other likes and interests! So, in the grand tradition of good old Facebook, here is a list of 15 things (because 25 is a lot to write) about me that are important to know.

1. Ever since I was little, I have had a love for astrology. Not the dumb horoscope-lucky-number-see-who-you’re-gonna-marry shit in Cosmo, but legitimate astrology. (I’m a Cancer, Leo rising with a water/air imbalance if anyone wants to know, haha. Nerd. It. UP.)

2. Being a lefty, I refuse to write in pencil unless it will affect my grade in a course.

3. I have kept every single can of Arizona green tea I have ever drank (no, I have no real reason.) Consequently, I’m addicted to Arizona green tea.

4. I am such a die-hard Lady Gaga fan I actually named my car Judas. That woman is a work of art, and I don’t care if she’s weird. She is AMAZING.

5. I have kept a diary almost consistently since I was fourteen. And oh, how I have changed.

6. Moshing is one of my favorite activities. One of my top goals in life (besides meeting Mother Monster) is to be in the front row at a Pendulum concert.

7. I love the act of writing: the pen moving across the paper, letters making words, words making sentences.

8. I LOVE raw vegetables. I would rather chow down on a corn cob than a bag of chips.

9. My favorite authors are Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, Libba Bray, and Roald Dahl, among many others.

10. I have an extreme amount of respect for Courtney Love, even though no one else seems to.

11. My favorite colors are purple, orange, yellow, and pink (in that order.)

12. I hate Kindles/Nooks with a flaming passion.

13. I love taking long road trips.

14. I’m that person who picks up spare change on the ground, no matter if it’s heads or tails up.

15. My favorite season is fall.

Wow…kudos to you if you actually made it to the end of this list. That’s just some fun stuff about me.


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