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Published 04/13/2012 by thefeministfiles

I just want to hear your thoughts…I think this guy brings up some interesting points, and I agree with him on a few of them, BUT there are some holes in his argument. I don’t know what kinds of feminists he is talking to, but I hope not every man in the world thinks we think like this. Freaking hated the way he compartmentalized “ALL” feminists when the only ones he is talking to are probably the insane radical protesting ones, not the rest of us who work quietly.


Yet Another SecondCity Video

Published 03/21/2012 by thefeministfiles

Okay, all kidding aside, this is actually a very big issue in the US. African-American children have a much lower chance of being adopted than white children, and spend more time in the foster care system, which we all know can be severely damaging to cognitive and emotional development (and if you didn’t, I can give you some great books on the subject). Now, I completely understand that our adoption system in the US is horrible, and some people absolutely cannot adopt here. Growing up, I lived near a really nice, stable family who already had one child who was turned away from all the agencies because they were in their 40s. They eventually had to adopt a little girl from China. Like I said, not a huge deal, but if you DO meet the criteria for adopting in the states, why not do it? You would be doing our country a great service.

She-Ra The Housewife?!

Published 02/28/2012 by thefeministfiles

So, I found this commercial for the Crystal Castle on Youtube. Really, people? Come on, can’t a superhero actually do superheroey stuff? You don’t see He-Man’s man cave or wherever he lives advertised, do you? And why in God’s name does the castle have to be PINK? Unless you have a castle made entirely out of pink quartz, castles should be gray or maybe white. I’m just saying.