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Published 04/13/2012 by thefeministfiles

I just want to hear your thoughts…I think this guy brings up some interesting points, and I agree with him on a few of them, BUT there are some holes in his argument. I don’t know what kinds of feminists he is talking to, but I hope not every man in the world thinks we think like this. Freaking hated the way he compartmentalized “ALL” feminists when the only ones he is talking to are probably the insane radical protesting ones, not the rest of us who work quietly.


Victorian Farmhouse vs. Children

Published 11/10/2011 by thefeministfiles

 The fact that a divorced mother makes only slightly less than married career women with kids…that makes me not want to have kids. If I’m going to be working with children every day of my life, is it really necessary to have my own for this price? You are talking to someone who goes CRAZY around kids. I absolutely love them, and I have always wanted to have at least three of my own, at least until last Tuesday when I heard this news. Now I don’t know. They cost an average of $250,000 from ages 0-18 (That could buy me a REALLY nice house, AND fuel my antique addiction). Thankfully, I have at least 6 more years of college to think about it, and by then I’m sure this information will have been in the back of my memory for years.

Check this out (We got this info in class):

People who make the most money:

1. Married man with a stay-at-home wife and kids (no surprise there)

2. Man married to a career woman with no kids

3. Married career woman with no kids

4. Single woman with no kids (damn, I see a trend)

5. Single man with no kids

Dang. Just…dang, America.

In other news, I have recently contracted mono, and it still boggles me how I can watch them separate twins attached at the head with a straight face (what I’ve been watching mostly all day), but I scream like a baby when I have to get a blood sample taken. Quick tip to parents: never let your child watch the Secret of Nimh. One time gave me a needle phobia for the rest of my life.