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Published 04/13/2012 by thefeministfiles

I just want to hear your thoughts…I think this guy brings up some interesting points, and I agree with him on a few of them, BUT there are some holes in his argument. I don’t know what kinds of feminists he is talking to, but I hope not every man in the world thinks we think like this. Freaking hated the way he compartmentalized “ALL” feminists when the only ones he is talking to are probably the insane radical protesting ones, not the rest of us who work quietly.


X-Files meets Feminist Files

Published 01/24/2012 by thefeministfiles

This Christmas, my dad got my mom two seasons of X-Files, which Chesney and I watched while at my house instead of doing our homework (yes, we are kicking ourselves now). While watching, we noted that there is a disproportionate number of times that Scully has to come in and save Mulder’s ass, which as feminists we found refreshing. I have no problems with men, but Mulder is just an idiot. He is always breaking protocol for his own personal reasons, constantly puts them in danger, and never listens to Scully, who is TYPICALLY right (not always though). Way to go to the writers who gave her a strong role.

Tiaras vs. Theatre

Published 01/03/2012 by thefeministfiles

Anyone that knows me knows my borderline obsession with TLC shows. I don’t know what it is about that channel, but when I get on a kick, I just can’t look away. Anyway, every once in a while I will watch multiple episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras, for no other reason than to sigh at humanity. We are SERIOUSLY judging little children on how beautiful they are? Um, I don’t know about you, but I think kids are the cutest things ever. I don’t care which one is prettier than the other. These pageants must be validation to the parents that their little angel is the fairest of them all. Hmmm, does that ring a bell? Oh yeah, Snow White! Remember what happened to her? I recall she was put into a fruit induced coma for a number of years. And why? Jealousy. Because she was apparently the most beautiful woman in all the world.

So essentially, in my experience of watching these shows, I have come to the conclusion that beauty pageants are teaching kids 1) That their physical beauty has to be validated BY OTHERS, 2) Their mothers are more concerned with winning than their kid’s personal needs and 3) That they have to have the “look” in order to achieve the status.

And let’s be honest, how far will looks get you in life? Eventually you have to use your brain.

Now, I will say that beauty pageants don’t seem to be inherently bad. I mean, the talent section seems to be a good idea, and the Outfit of Choice can definitely show off individuality. But it seems to me (especially in the glitz pageants-the full-makeup, crazy cupcake dress competitions) that all that gets completely lost in the competitiveness of the parents.

It makes me happy however to know that there are some moms on this show that aren’t like that. If you watch the show, let me remind you about Isabella, who, in my opinion, is the one exception. Isabella is nine years old, and you can tell by her face that she LOVES these pageants. This little girl is a ham, and she reminds me a lot of myself. You never hear her screaming, crying, or fighting with her parents over pageants. She genuinely loves doing them, and there’s nothing wrong with doing something you love.

I was never a pageant child, thank God, but I could have very easily become one. I have that kind of personality that eats up attention, and I have always felt right at home on a stage. But my parents (being the intelligent people that they are) got me involved in drama and theatre at a very young age, instead of putting me through the hell of pageants. Aside from competition, I can see nothing a pageant offers that a theatre class would not. It’s fun to put on dresses and makeup and play pretend in front of other people. I love things like that. But theatre provided an outlet that I needed in order to gain confidence while being around other people like myself-people that had a lot of personality and a need to express themselves in their own way. I did drama for many years, before I ducked out under the crappy theatre program at my school. I would still be open to doing it if I get the chance.

Am I right on this one? What do all of you guys think about this phenomenon of the beauty pageant?




Published 12/06/2011 by thefeministfiles

This is my best friend and eternal roommate (even though we don’t live together at the moment). She’s taking the same Women’s Studies class as I am right now, next semester. However, me constantly shoving feminism down her throat has made her start a vlog channel, chesneyspeaks. If you like my blog, you’ll probably like her stuff too.