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A Public Apology

Published 04/09/2012 by thefeministfiles

I would like to make a proclamation of my guilt and regret to Andrew Kerr, for blatantly objectifying perhaps the worst fictional character of all time. Even though Bella from the Twilight Saga is a whiny, naive, and altogether detestable individual, that does not make it okay for me to say that she was stolen from Edward by Jacob, like she was a sandwich or a $5000 television. I hope that in the future I can live up to my feminist values and morals and never objectify a fictional character again, even if they predict the downfall of humanity.

(We had an entire Skype argument over this…even if it was dumb, so proud that Andrew is thinking critically about feminism. What can I say? I turn people.)


Sex and Air Bags

Published 11/30/2011 by thefeministfiles

A friend posted this on her Facebook page this morning and it popped into my news feed. Good sex education is something I feel very strongly about (probably since I didn’t get any). The people who think abstinence-only education is effective are ignorant as hell.  But the cartoon is funny.