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The Problem With TOMS

Published 04/11/2012 by thefeministfiles

Anyone that knows me is aware of my blatant hatred of TOMS shoes. Yesterday was my University’s “Day Without Shoes” thing, and I didn’t see a single person walking around shoeless. I laughed a little inside. Please, let me explain my reasoning:

Essentially, these shoes are a piece of canvas cloth wrapped around some kind of sole. They probably cost less than $10 to produce (and that’s being very generous.) HOWEVER, they feel the need to charge upwards of $50 for these “shoes”…and people actually buy them! $50 will buy me a decent pair of running shoes, or a few pairs of heels because I am incredibly cheap and shop at Shoe Carnival. No shame.

“But wait,” you say, “TOMS donates a pair of shoes to a kid in Africa for every pair you buy!” Please, let me make you aware of the fact that for MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of years, humans roamed the earth without shoes on their feet. Shoes are quite over rated. I walk around barefoot all the time, because I like the feeling of ground under my feet. The people getting the shoes in Africa REALLY DON’T NEED THEM. They were getting along fine without them before TOMS stepped in.

This is also a strategic marketing ploy to get you to buy a product because you think you’re being socially conscious. If you really want to be socially conscious, read “Creating A World Without Poverty” by Muhammed Yunus. He explains in there that the “help” these companies do is minimal if any, and the purpose of helping others is only to increase the company’s profit. AND IT WORKS. You can’t blame them for doing it.

Please tell me I am not alone in this. I think donating your time is much more beneficial than paying $50 for a pair of shoes that will MAYBE last  you a year, and look like crap after you’ve worn them a few times.


What’s Your Style?

Published 12/04/2011 by thefeministfiles

To me, the campus gym is like hallowed ground where I can clear my head, renew my body, and, of course, get pumped. As someone who absolutely cannot exercise without music, I never really have a use for the gym TVs. I’m usually off in my own little world when I work out. Unfortunately, the TVs are right in my line of vision on the treadmills, so occasionally I have to watch them. Today, I literally saw a commercial for a shoe website that said you could take a style quiz online to see what shoes would be best for you. LIKE I CAN’T PICK OUT MY OWN DAMN SHOES??? Seriously?

And furthermore, what is this whole thing about having a “style?” Is it possible to be “classy,” “sexy,” or “rocker chic” (I HATE that term) all the time? Could we not all just buy what we like and wear whatever without having to identify with a style? I am looking in my closet right now. I have a very nice fall peacoat from L.L. Bean hanging beside a black denim motocross-style jacket, complete with studs. THAT is hanging beside a blinding pink and blue Motion City Soundtrack jacket. My shirts are arranged in the colors of the rainbow, and for some bizarre reason, black is the most common color, then purple, then red (I’m royal!). My shoes…oh God. I have my staple pair of black Converse chilling with my cursed Tevas (maybe one day I will tell the story) and some sexy black heels beside some clunky Steve Madden ankle boots that my mom hates. I ask you, what is my style?

Does having an impressive collection of band teeshirts, black Converse, and an industrial piercing make me “rocker?” Does loving sundresses and Fossil anything make me “boho?” Does owning Tevas and tie-dye make me “hippie?” By asking myself these questions, I have definitively decided my personal style is Whatever-The-Hell-I-Want. And no shoe quiz is going to change that. 

Yeah. This is my life.